Back in the room!

Been a bit of a crazy year but gladly back on track with my course and life in general. Bit mortified as having to sell on the morris minor due to the rust being too much for me (a non mechanic) to repair.

Invested in a portable arc welder but found a humongous hole under the driver door which would require a pro to handle, something a student can’t afford to splash out on. So rather than letting my beloved rust in the garden I feel its best to give her to a more qualified home.

In other news!
Currently looking at foot mechanics and will be writing an article on the anatomy, mechanics and dysfunctions found within the feet as well as ways to help counteract and prevent further issues travelling up the legs.

Really pleased to see the amount of traffic my blog has had in my absence. I really hope my posts helps with your studies or at least gives you food for thought.

Coming in the near future will be posts about regional fascia, digestive organs and their physiology, digestive bacteria, a look at the pelvic girdle in depth, haematology, autonomic nervous system, and the brain.

My apologies for the recent silence, hope I can make this up to you all with the studies I am now doing. I aim to improve my own knowledge as an osteo student and hopefully share some pretty cool facts you won’t get from glaring at text books. I will endeavour to reference all of these facts so you can look them up yourselves and perhaps use them in any of the glorious essays of doom you are set.

Hope you have had a great summer and I look forward to the feedback!



Two door doors….

So the driver’s side door on my morris minor (mog) has a rather large area of rust, not sure if I would be able to repair but I’m defo not one for welding times. I’ve been looking around the web and forums for a driver’s side door to a two door and its official, they’re endangered!!! I’ve seen fiberglass doors for sale but no idea how to fit the locking mechanisms and such, seems a bit too fragile for a car also unless wishing to have it purely for showing purposes.

Fiberglass is inherently lighter than the steel used on original body parts, so this could assist my mog in wasting less energy in motion but in reality is it safe enough to use?

So other than the fiberglass what have else have I stumbled upon? Very little, sadly enough though I am currently watching one on ebay, I highly doubt I’d be able to realistically snipe it with my prior splurge on the seats (£77 is a deal but a lot of money for a student y’know!).

I’m looking for comparisons between fiberglass and steel but funnily enough not found a thing just yet. If I do stumble on anything worthwhile I’ll be sure to share it with you.

Naughty but very VERY nice!

Ok so with this restoration I’ve taken the driver’s door off and I’m waiting to get a deal on a new one, or one in better nick. Should have kept some shrapnel for this as watching a good one on ebay right now but…. well, i saw some shiny seats which would fit her delightfully. Cream ford ka seats (postage £60 and bidding at only £16.99 – total £76.66, normally going for £200) I couldn’t resist!! In pretty good nick though could do with a clean up s pretty excited about this, not sure if I’ll have enough left over for the door though lol! Whoopsie!
Long way before I get to fitting them but at least thats one (or four) part(s) i no longer have to fret over. Will be buying some nice subframes in due course but the respray, carpeting etc have to be tackled prior to this. Oh i feel bad but it was defo worth it 🙂

ford ka seats


These babies are said to fit a 2dr saloon nicely with minimal adaptation, they go with the new colour scheme though not sure if a biscuit carpet would be a tad garish. Shame there’s nothing lighter but i have plenty of time to shop around….


Tyre changing

Took me a while to get the go on and finally discovered mobile tyre changing companies are happy to come to you and do the dirty work.

Initially i tried to take it on by myself (two hours of prying kicking and pulling got one changed but not sealed, my poor neighbours had to listen to an out pour of verbal obscenities – oops!) but after using deodorant and butane to try and seat the tyres unsuccessfully, I gave up. Had a look online and found a nice little company called etyres. Mobile and do not expect you to buy their tyres (unlike kwik-fit), but will come to your house, remove, fit and re-balance the wheels for you. Will even do the refitting to the car (or taking off prior to the other bits blah blah). Good prices too so highly recommend them.

Anyhoo, still waiting on the sprayer to arrive but have plenty of work to do before I can realistically consider stripping/spraying the car.

I had issues removing the driver’s side door due to a rusted bolt but I found a nice and cost effective pencil blow torch, so used that to heat up the bolt before tapping it and wrenching it out. Sadly the weather change isn’t working in my favour but I guess it was to be expected.

Looking at Ford Ka seats (cream/beige) to update the car a bit as well as having chosen the colour I wish to spray her: pepper white/old english white (with white gold metallic pearl powder in the laquer). I have tonnes of body work to do for now and will try and post pictures of these as I go along.






A very kindly neighbour popped over today after the school run and installed a nice ignition bypass switch thingy! no idea what you call it but oh my god does it rule?! The car is turning over stunningly now and even he was impressed with how good her engine is. Soon she shall be moved and I can continue to work on making her b-e-a-u-tiful. Woot!!!!

Not the battery.

New battery arrived, very impressed with seller. Installed but no joy. Thankfully a nice genlteman gave me a hand and showed me where the problem was. He’s over on Monday to fit a switch under the dash, making it a nice sneaky ignition type of set up. This pleases me. Have to say its sweet how many are interested in this project. Seems to bring out the community spirit!!