Foetal development

Trimester Weeks Structures Sensory Motor
First 01/12/16 Placenta 3/52

Heart 4/52

Brain 4/52

Spinal cord 4/52

Olfactory nerve 7/52

Semicircular canals 8/52

Limbs and digits 8/52

Major organs 8/52

Sex organs 8/52

Olfactory bulb 8-9/52

Cochlear 10/52

Taste and smell (olfactory)

Hearing (cochlear)

Sight (rods and cones)






Neurological and musculoskeletal coordination (closed fist)
Second 13-28 Muscle and bone


Taste buds

Eyebrows and lashes

Finger/toe nails

Hair on head

Lanugo (fine hair covering body)

Vernix (waxy protective skin covering)

Hearing Swallowing


Sucking reflex

Startle reflex

Third 29-40 Rapid weight gain

Loss of lanugo (fine hair)

Thickening vernix

Bones fully formed


Increased cortisol and adrenaline of the mother pre sets baby at a higher level.

– anxious

– clingy

– colicky

Forecful kicks

Regular breathing movements


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