Ascending Spinal tracts

Tract Functions Path Decussation Tests
Dorsal Columns:

Fasciculus Cuneatus (UEX)

Fasciculus Gracilic (LEX)

Fine touch

Discriminatory touch



Fibres from UEX enter at upper thoracic and cervical levels.


Fibres from LEX enter at lower thoracic,lumbar and sacral levels.


Travel between dorsal median sulcus and horn.Terminate at corresponding nuclei at medulla oblongata.

Medulla Oblongata 2 point discrimination

Joint position

Spinothalamic Pain



Coarse touch

Fibres ascend in ventral half of lateral funinculus.

Terminates at the thalamus.

Ventral white commisure Neuotips

Cold tuning fork

Spinocerebellar Muscle and joint receptors to cerebellum Cell bodies originate from base of dorsal horn. Fibres pass through dorsolateral and ventrolateral spina cord.
Terminates at the cerebellar cortex.
Anterior white commisure


No decussation

Joint position test

Finger to nose

Heel to shin


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