Something close to my heart… #save414

I was recently very upset to hear that Lambeth Council is in the process of deciding to allow planning application for the closure of a venue I have frequented for over 14 years now. Club 414 is a solid community of people. The venue has continued to provide quality events of all musical genres for over 30 years now and yet they are considering to change this in to yet another trendy bar.

Consider this: market saturation. How many venue have already been converted? With so many options of the same thing independent trendy bar owners are going to struggle! So this application is not only upsetting to us who love club 414 but its should also be upsetting for those who own bars and restaurants in Brixton!

Please take the time to look at this petition. There is an attached link where you can also add your objection to the planning application directly.

Our culture is being suppressed, without this culture we will lose our tourist trade as well as the beating heart of London.

I appreciate your time and really hope enough are willing to support us in this!



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