Two door doors….

So the driver’s side door on my morris minor (mog) has a rather large area of rust, not sure if I would be able to repair but I’m defo not one for welding times. I’ve been looking around the web and forums for a driver’s side door to a two door and its official, they’re endangered!!! I’ve seen fiberglass doors for sale but no idea how to fit the locking mechanisms and such, seems a bit too fragile for a car also unless wishing to have it purely for showing purposes.

Fiberglass is inherently lighter than the steel used on original body parts, so this could assist my mog in wasting less energy in motion but in reality is it safe enough to use?

So other than the fiberglass what have else have I stumbled upon? Very little, sadly enough though I am currently watching one on ebay, I highly doubt I’d be able to realistically snipe it with my prior splurge on the seats (£77 is a deal but a lot of money for a student y’know!).

I’m looking for comparisons between fiberglass and steel but funnily enough not found a thing just yet. If I do stumble on anything worthwhile I’ll be sure to share it with you.


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