Naughty but very VERY nice!

Ok so with this restoration I’ve taken the driver’s door off and I’m waiting to get a deal on a new one, or one in better nick. Should have kept some shrapnel for this as watching a good one on ebay right now but…. well, i saw some shiny seats which would fit her delightfully. Cream ford ka seats (postage £60 and bidding at only £16.99 – total £76.66, normally going for £200) I couldn’t resist!! In pretty good nick though could do with a clean up s pretty excited about this, not sure if I’ll have enough left over for the door though lol! Whoopsie!
Long way before I get to fitting them but at least thats one (or four) part(s) i no longer have to fret over. Will be buying some nice subframes in due course but the respray, carpeting etc have to be tackled prior to this. Oh i feel bad but it was defo worth it 🙂

ford ka seats


These babies are said to fit a 2dr saloon nicely with minimal adaptation, they go with the new colour scheme though not sure if a biscuit carpet would be a tad garish. Shame there’s nothing lighter but i have plenty of time to shop around….



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