Tyre changing

Took me a while to get the go on and finally discovered mobile tyre changing companies are happy to come to you and do the dirty work.

Initially i tried to take it on by myself (two hours of prying kicking and pulling got one changed but not sealed, my poor neighbours had to listen to an out pour of verbal obscenities – oops!) but after using deodorant and butane to try and seat the tyres unsuccessfully, I gave up. Had a look online and found a nice little company called etyres. Mobile and do not expect you to buy their tyres (unlike kwik-fit), but will come to your house, remove, fit and re-balance the wheels for you. Will even do the refitting to the car (or taking off prior to the other bits blah blah). Good prices too so highly recommend them.

Anyhoo, still waiting on the sprayer to arrive but have plenty of work to do before I can realistically consider stripping/spraying the car.

I had issues removing the driver’s side door due to a rusted bolt but I found a nice and cost effective pencil blow torch, so used that to heat up the bolt before tapping it and wrenching it out. Sadly the weather change isn’t working in my favour but I guess it was to be expected.

Looking at Ford Ka seats (cream/beige) to update the car a bit as well as having chosen the colour I wish to spray her: pepper white/old english white (with white gold metallic pearl powder in the laquer). I have tonnes of body work to do for now and will try and post pictures of these as I go along.






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