Shifting gears.

The car’s battery has been on charge all night (outside under the tarp) and no sign of any furballs being fried!! Today should be the day for getting my Morris minor ‘Mary’ moved round to my back yard. Bit excited but also wary as I’m not a fan of waiting games. In hindsight I know this is my own fault for having not turned her over at all through winter… oops!! Tool box is nicely organised so I’m raring to go, so much to do and I can’t wait to get stuck in!  Was almost thinking about the colour choice again last night. For some reason purple keeps popping up I think its a bit too over the top for my tastes. Long way off off the respray so got plenty of time to think.

Other than the colour schemes been thinking about decals I might add after. Not 100% yet but liking the idea of toadstools and flowers, girly I know but it comes with the ovaries! Defo not going for flames or barbed wire type decor, bit harsh for me but not really looked for the decals as of yet so will keep thinking on it, that is if I even bother.

Would like to have her finished, mot’d and running nicely by summer but I highly doubt I’ll be done before this time next year! Had a few people offer helps which is delightful but I’m not sure if there’s enough room in the tiny back yard for too many workers. I have, however, bought my little one a set of overalls so he can give his mummy a hand in the restoration. That way the finished product is our’s rather than just mine. Cute eh? Just waiting on the dusts masks.

While you wait for the real work to get posted feel free to browse my other posts here, I try to blog daily in any case so if its not about this there may be something different for you to look at.
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