Body adjustment.

Body adjustment (BA) is a technique used in Classical osteopathy. The practitioner uses gentle rotations and movements to show the joints, nerves, ligaments and tendons their normal range of movement. The technique Requires a sensitivity to resistances felt while moving these joints. The resistance is met and not passed and is repeatedly met to encourage the joint to move in the suggested way.

This technique is great for encouraging the flow of synovial fluid in the joint capsule as well as helping to loosen up adhesions in the surrounding tissues. The neuromuscular benefits include the recalibration of the nerves’ perception of where the joint can move to, which can help relax the muscles which are being instructed to hold the join in a certain way.

Body adjustment is applied to the entire body not just a particular area of concern, being a holistic treatment. I am also learning structural osteopathy but that will be detailed as and when I look at particular regions of the body anatomically.

I personally prefer this method of treatment to structural as its not only gentle and very beneficial it also has a sedative affect and relaxes the person it is applied to. I know this as I have fallen asleep during BA a few times now and felt quite nice afterwards!

I attended a talk at the London School of Osteopathy where Mervyn Waldman gave instruction on both assessment and treatments in classical treatment. This gentleman is the President of the Institute of Classical Osteopathy and was tutored by John Wernham and T. E. Hall. I felt quite honoured to have met him and hope to do more work with him in the future.

Hopefully the links on these important peers of Osteopathy will give you a good insight in to the foundations of Classic techniques and why I’m a fan of them. I will be doing more research in to them as I progress but for now I think its nice to share this bite sized perspective with those who are interested.


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