Restoring the moggy…

I’m the owner of a 1963 morris minor 1000 and plan to do some restoration to her as well as respraying her. I spent the past week adapting my back garden to make sure I can get the car in but thanks to the weather I’m not able to charge her (merrrrrrr) battery and bring her round to get the ball rolling!


It’s going to take quite a lot of time as there’s a fair bit of rust repair to be done, this will be the first port of call. The interior will be painted glossy black with hammerite/waxoyl.  Then I plan to install decent insulation, to help with the delightful engine noise as well as the heating. Red carpets are the new to be fitted and red (updated with head rests) seating. The exterior will be painted metallic black and not sure what colour to do the wheel bases yet but will let you know when I’ve made my mind up!

Pics will be posted here as I progress and also on the Morris Minor Owners club forum.

Comments are welcome but please be kind as this is my first ever restoration!!!


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