Lets get this going….

I’m a fan of writing but have never tried blogging before now, should be a nice little place for me to share my endeavours.

I began studying osteopathy in 2011 and have discovered so many things about life and myself that my entire outlook on both has changed dramatically. As a result having been brought up a city girl with very little gardening experience I am now starting to develop green thumbs and loving the results!

Osteopathic medicine is both complimentary and alternative. Its is a holistic practice which views the entire body as one unit rather than merely focusing on the section concerned.

Discovered in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still, the manual therapies involved in osteopathy follows Still’s principles of osteopathic medicine. According to Still not only is the body a unit it is also capable of self healing. Where structures are changed the function alters which is the third principle of structure and function being reciprocally interrelated. The final and certainly very important principle (as all are, which you will see i promise) is that the rule of the artery is supreme. Now this rule you can view as just focusing on thr cardiovascular system or you could think of any form of communication or transport throughout the body, for example nerves, lymphatics. If these are blocked the flow is compromised, causing problems in supplying areas beyond the damaged part. Make sense? Perhaps not right now but in a few more posts on principles you’ll have a ‘huzzah’ moment i’m sure 🙂

Anyway enough about the history side of things here’s a few links if you wish to chomp a little more on the origins of this rather awesome practice:





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